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Complaints Policy

1. Background

National Hunter is a not for profit membership organisation which facilitates the sharing of data contained in applications for financial products to prevent fraud. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. The day to day running of the organisation and administrative function are headed up by a Managing Director.

National Hunter is not governed by a regulatory body although all of its individual members will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

2. How to register a complaint

National Hunter is not able to alter or remove any personal data held for technical reasons. As this data is owned and controlled by the individual member it is recommended that you approach the member concerned in the first instance.

However, should you wish to contact National Hunter or the complaint is specifically about National Hunter you can e-mail us at or write to us at PO Box 4744, Stone, ST15 9FE.

A log of all complaints and their outcomes is maintained by National Hunter.

3. How we deal with your complaint

We will endeavour to respond to all complaints within seven working days.

All complaints will be handled by the Managing Director or where not available the most senior employee.

Where the complaint relates to data owned by one of our members we will refer you back to that member and advise the member of the concerns.

For any other complaints we will respond with our final answer after a full investigation.

There will be no escalation within National Hunter if this final answer is not acceptable.